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Terramar racetrack

A National Sitges Racetrack, the world’s most exciting Racetrack. That’s how this Racetrack that was opened on November 28th, 1923 in Sant Pere de Ribes’ municipal district used to advertise itself. It was part of the Garden City project that Francisco Armengol designed in Sitges between 1920 and 1930.

Francesc Armengol, a big racing fan, found the ideal place to make his dream come true in Sant Pere de Ribes. The National Racetrack of Sitges was inaugurated on November 28th, 1923. At this time, there were only two other racetracks in Europe and the Terramar Racetrack would be the third, holding different races like the 1st International Spanish Gran Prix and where important drivers raced like Alberto Divo, Nuvolari or Dario Resta.

It was very short-lived and for this very reason, today it is the only Racetrack from the early 20th century that still survives in its entirety. You can see the whole 2 km. long track, the stands, paddocks and the two vertiginous curves that are still intact.
We have a chance to enjoy this industrial and architectural heritage and this is why we offer you guided tours of this emblematic site that is part of our more recent history and that is an example of the purest Mediterranean creative style.

Duration of the visit: 1h 1/2
Language: Catalan, Castilian, English
The activities are done in groups of 25

– All our routes can be customized (contact us for more information)

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