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Sitges historical centre

To journey to Sitges’ origins it’s necessary to take a walk around the historical centre or  old town, declared an artistic-historical complex in 1972. It is precisely in this area where the so-called Iberian settlement of Puig de Sitges is found, of which silos dug.

Strolling through the old fishermen’s neighborhood you’ll discover the remains of the ancient ramparts, remains of the castle, spread out between different buildings in town, plus emblematic buildings and monuments through which we can explain the history of the town of Sitges:
The Town Hall, the Old Market, the Library, the Monument to Dr. Robert, The Parish Church, Vidal Quadras’ home, the Cau Ferrat Museum and the Maricel Complex.

This itinerary includes optionally the entrance of the Maricel Museum, the old Sitges San Juan Bautista Hospital  and subsequent residence of North American collector Charles Deering. Today the Museum houses the Dr. Jesús Pérez Rosales collection as well as the Municipal Art Gallery.

Roman occupation also left its testimonies, as well as the medieval repopulation, occupying it again in the 10th century.

Duration: 1,30h

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