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Sitges and Bacardi rum

We offer a tour Sitges and Bacardi Rum  throughout which we will admire sumptuous modernist houses and will discover the lives of the Americanos, young men who sailed to the Spanish colonies seeking fortune.

We will focus on Facundo Bacardi, a great visionary who, with great will and perseverance created the world’s best selling Rum.

We conclude our tour at the Bacardi House where we will see firsthand the processing of this famous Bacardi Rum.
FACUNDO BACARDI HOUSE offers its visitors a unique experience on the history and evolution of the BACARDI Company, founded in Cuba in 1862.

Visit time: 2h, Route+Casa Bacardi
Route Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French
Casa Bacardi Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
The activities are done in groups max 30 people // Hours to be arranged

– All our routes can be customized (contact us for more information)

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