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Cultural challenge

The cultural challenge is a different way to get to know the town of Sitges, its culture and its traditions, as well as a way to establish contact with its inhabitants.

The group is split up into different teams, each with its own survival bag where you’ll find everything you need to play the game and begin the course around the town center, the old quarter, the museums and the most emblematic buildings.

Each group covers a subject on the town’s history and culture so the visitor can discover them in a fun way: “A bit of history”, “Let’s get to know the museums”, “Land Ahoy”, “Sitges, tourist destination”,“Let’s go shopping” and “Let’s discover the townspeople”.

During the course, organization members keep an eye on all the different teams in order to solve any problems that might arise.
When the challenge is over, there is an award-giving ceremony.

-All our routes can be customized (contact us for more information)

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