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Agisitges S.L. is a private company dedicated to Cultural Services, founded in 1995 in Sitges. Its objective has always been to disseminate the cultural and natural heritage of the town of Sitges and its surroundings.

Since 2004 it is a member of the Sitges Convention Bureau (A Tourism of Sitges-Promotion Agency Program in collaboration with all of the public and private agents interested in the development of the town of Sitges as a destination for congresses, conventions, incentives and meetings, to coherently promote, improve and administer its services on offer and its presence in specific markets).

Since 2008 it has been participating in the SICTED program, an Integral Destination Tourism Quality System. SICTED is a system promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism’s General Secretariat of Tourism and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, and its objective is to boost the quality of tourist destinations. In the same process, the system deals with all the subsectors that make up a given destination’s tourism activity (tourist accommodations, catering, tourist activity companies, tourist information offices, shopping, craftsmanship, transportation, the local police, cultural centers, museums, convention centers, guide services...)


Schools, Associations and groups of friends: Guided tours of Sitges’ heritage, bicycle routes, cultural gymkhanas...

Companies: Guided tours of Sitges’ heritage and surroundings (including Barcelona), cultural gymkhanas, gastronomic gymkhanas, tours including concerts.

Tours in collaboration with different regional institutions:

We are presently collaborating with the Garraf Tourism Consortium to create a package tour.

Since 2007 we have been collaborating with the Sitges Tourism Agency on guided tours around the town of Sitges as well as the guided tours done by the Bus Turístico de Barcelona.

Since 1998 we have been collaborating with the Pedagogic Department at the Sitges Heritage Consortium to prepare school routes and create products for the summer program: "Visit the Palau Maricel including a castanet concert", "Medieval Sitges" Route... We also collaborate placing security guards at the different museums managed by this entity: the Cau Ferrat, Maricel and Romántico Museums

Since 1995 we have been collaborating with the Centro de Estudios del Mar de Sitges (CEM) belonging to the Diputación de Barcelona, monitoring environmental visits: "El río Foix", "Recursos pesqueros", "El Medio en los Pueblos de la Costa" , "La Franja litoral", "Paisaje alrededor de Garraf", ...

Since 1998 we have been collaborating with the Barcelona City Council’s Office of Tourism Promotion on the "Sitges during the age of Modernisme" Route.

We work with the Sitges Town Council’s Department of Culture with security services for exhibitions.

We have also worked at different editions of the Sitges International Theater Festival and the International Film Festival of Catalonia.

Participation in courses

Program of Cultural Management. University of Barcelona. Febrer 2009 February 2009

Module of the Masters in Cultural Tourism Cultural Institutions and Companies. Universitat de Barcelona. University of 2009 March 2009

Taller de Descoberta de Sitges . Discovery Workshop in Sitges. Course for Newcomers to Sitges. Department of Gender Equality. November 2008

Campus of the Mediterranean. Seminar-Workshop on Management and Financing Models of cultural tourism projects. Networks, cultural routes and itineraries. July 2008

Subject Sitges. Course for teachers newcomers. Department of Education of the City of Sitges. March 2007

Sitges. A world to discover. Participació anual en el curs sobre Sitges organitzat per l'Escola d'Adults de Sitges. Participation in the annual course organized by Sitges Sitges Adult School.


Periodic contribution to the publication Quaderns del Patrimoni de Garraf.



We’re Blanca and Rosa, directors of the AGISITGES Cultural Services Company. We welcome you to our website, where you will find different activities and routes involving our cultural and natural heritage, all of which can round off and enrich your stay in our town. You can choose the combinations that interest you the most and enjoy a tour that’s tailored to your needs. We invite you to take a stroll through the streets of Sitges and let yourself be carried away by its history.